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Your business IS a brand, and it is SO MUCH MORE than “just a logo…”

What is a “brand”?

Your brand is a lot like your own personality. It is the essence of what makes you special, what makes you stand out, and be appealing to those around you. Much like your personality, your brand informs others about your business through everything is says and does.

Why can’t it just be a logo?

Professionally designed logos are created with great thought and care. A logo should never be driven by a template designed by "swapping your name" for a predesigned image.

  • Developed from the very essence of who you and your business are.

  • Reflections of what you are bringing to your clients in terms of who/what your business is.

  • Invoke a mental connection between the consumer and your business.

They are the first building block of the foundation of instant recognition of you, your business, and your brand.

Why should it be so structured and standardized?

Brand standards are a set of guidelines for the colors; photography and graphic elements; logo specs; typography and messaging that comprise your brand.

They're the glue that holds your brand together and help to create and protect your brand identity.

Why can Ellen Lynch Designs make such a big difference for my branding?

Taking the time to design a meaningful logo and building out your voice through brand standards will showcase cohesiveness in your business. It will strengthen who you are and what you are saying to your clients, by elevating your levels of communication. A keen awareness of who you are as not “just a business” but entire brand will make you recognizable, in every interaction. You will look as professional and put together as you are. It is a subtle but extraordinarily important step to attract your dream client.

Custom designed logo and branding
Full Branding Kit

Take our Branding Evaluation Survey to see how well you know your own voice.

Branding Questionnaire
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