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What Difference Do Professionally Designed Printed Materials Really Make?

Why are my printed materials so important?

Many potential clients will be introduced to your business through printed materials like brochures, postcards, banners, business cards, and posters. With this first impression coming through printed material, you want to make the best first impression. If they notice poorly designed work, they will not believe in your business abilities.

BEFORE- Ellen Lynch Designs

While this church bulletin contained necessary information, updates, and guides, it lacked focus, direction and organization. We sat with the church leadership team to determine what items worked, and more importantly what items did not. Pairing thoughtful classification and reorganization with new branding and design, we reached a final product that was pleasing to everyone...even those individuals who claimed, "Why change it? This is how we've always done it1"

Some Quick Questions About Your Printed Materials

Are there elements that no longer work?

Have you made sure all of your materials work together cohesively?

Do you have digital versions/templates ready to use for online communications?


Professional Materials = Professional Representation

When you represent yourself well through your printed materials, it shows you care about your business’s presentation to others. It would be a very difficult sale to make to your potential clients if your materials are full of mismatched branding, spelling/grammar errors, and distorted typography or images.

Why can Ellen Lynch Designs make such a big difference for your printed materials?

Taking the time to design outstanding printed materials will showcase cohesiveness in your business. Right behind your branding, it will strengthen who you are and what you are saying to your clients, by elevating your levels of communication. You will look as professional and put together as you are! It is a not so subtle and extraordinarily important step to attract your dream client.


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